Our History

A Little Bit Of History

Hall Homeplace

This is the birthplace of Linda Wall Hall. It sits directly across the road from her present home and the site of A Secret Garden vineyards and shop. For 25 years, her husband Gerald has run the family steel fabrication business.

Our Vines

They have a son and daughter in law, and a daughter and son in law and 4 beautiful granddaughters.

closer vineyards

In the spring of 2002, the Hall’s planted both Carlos and Noble grape vines in hopes of turning a family hobby into a rewarding business.

All A Secret Garden Wines are made without chemicals and preservatives, a feature which the Hall’s are very proud of. They ferment wines with the wild yeast present on the grapes.  NO SULFITES

The ingredients of A Secret Garden wines are juice, water, and sugar. Nothing more, nothing less.

Cluster of grapes

The Muscadine grape is native to the South and used in wine making as well as jams, jellies, and all kinds of good Southern cooking. The picture to the right is of muscadines grown at A Secret Garden vineyards. For more history and information on this glorious grape, please visit
Scuppernong & Muscadine History.